Services Offered

Technology Evaluation, Selection and Procurement:
Do you have a technology need, but not sure what it might be? Have a number of choices but not sure which would be the right one for you? We can advise you on most any technology purchase or selection you may have. Let us do the research and we'll make recommendations as to what solution will work best for you or your company. We'll also purchase, deliver and setup what ever product or services you select.

Custom Computer Sales:
We build and sell custom computers and computers for custom applications. Weather you want a modification done to your personal computer or want to set up a server for business or even personal needs on the cheap. Drop us a line and we'll discuss what technology needs will best fit the need you have.

Home Theater PC (HTPC) Setup and Installation:
Have a home theater setup and looking to buy a TiVo? With an HTPC you'll be able to record, pause, rewind and then fast forward live TV. You can have the ability to watch one channel while you record another so you never have to miss your show again. Talk with us first to find out about the benefits of an HTPC and what it can do for your entertainment needs. Best of all each HTPC we build can be customized to fit whatever your needs may be.

Hardware and Software Installation and Repair:
Just got that new printer or the latest version of Office but not sure how to install it? Or has your sound card stopped working for some reason. Give us a call and we can install and setup any of your recent hardware or software purchases. We can also take a look at anything that's stopped working and see what we can do to fix or replace it.

Home and Small Business Network Installation:
Tired of having all your network wires running across the floor or draped across the ceiling? We can run your network cables through the wall and floor to a central wiring closet. We'll also install wall jacks where you need them. If you're after a more mobile work environment, we'll install a wireless network with ample coverage and tight security to keep out unwelcome connections.

Data Backup and Off-Site Storage:
You know you should be backing up all your important data but you can't seem to find the time. We can set up a  solution to automatically back up your personal or business data on a regular schedule so you'll never lose that important information again. We can also set up to have your data stored off-site to be even more secure.